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Jackson, Alabama... Community of Excellence

The City of Jackson was selected to participate in the ACE (Alabama Communities of Excellence) Program in 2006 based on the strength of their application. An ACE Assessment team came to Jackson on August 21-22, 2006. Continued participation in the program required a commitment by the city to develop a community-wide strategic plan to identify a vision for the community and goals and objectives for implementation. Alabama Power provided facilitation for a series of community meetings held in January thru March 2007 to develop the strategic plan with action items. The state ACE program approved the strategic plan allowing the City of Jackson to complete the requirements for entering Phase III of the program. Jackson is already beginning this phase that requires an updated comprehensive plan by contracting with a consultant for this service. The ACE board expects the City of Jackson to receive their official certification at the Annual League of Municipalities meeting in 2008.

Please click here to visit the official ACE website.
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