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Your Benefits When You Shop Jackson First!

  1. Dollar Power- When you make a purchase from a local business, you are making a great deal more than a purchase. The power of your dollar is keeping a friend or neighbor employed. Your buying power may be keeping the doors of a small business open.
  2. Do The Math- Every dollar you spend in Jackson means four dollars to the local economy. When you buy from a local business, that business can pay the salaries of its employees. The employees in turn make local purchases. Do the math and see how your dollar multiplies.
  3. Quality of Life- Future economic development of Jackson depends on your dollars. When you support local businesses, you encourage others to locate their business here. When business developers see a growing community, they see advantages to moving in and offering new services. Your quality of life and that of your family will improve.
  4. Volume Business- Keeping local service businesses busy lowers your cost. From the plumber to the doctor, service oriented businesses require volume to keep their costs down. By supporting local services, you not only save money, you open the door of opportunity for other services to move to town.
  5. Your Reward- When you choose to buy local, you are directly rewarded. The city collects taxes, which are used to provide city services. Your city parks, swimming pool, senior center, library and many other services are paid for by tax dollars.
  6. Personal Service- Have you ever purchased a product out of town only to have it show up broken? A great advantage to making a local purchase is the personal service you receive. Usually the item you bought can be replaced immediately. Knowing the business and its employees provides you with confidence in the service you receive.
  7. Save Time- Another advantage of shopping Jackson first is the convenience. You can drive a couple of miles to make your purchase, saving you time and money. To save more time, call first to see if the business has what you’re looking for. If not, see if they can order it for you.
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